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Wim Hof breathing exercises Explained


wim hof methodWim Hof is well known for being able to run marathons barefoot across snow and immerse his nude body in freezing conditions for extended intervals, but the Wim Hof Method also allows the specialist to go more deeply into the body and mind. It’s essentially, a remarkably powerful form of deep breathing.

During the last few months, I am practising the Wim Hof Method which some individuals suggest is comparable to the old Tibetan inner heating practice called Tummo. Although the Wim Hof Method requires a lot more than the respiration below, I needed to share with you the main electric power breath exercise I’ve been doing every morning for two calendar months. In the event that you meditate following the power breathing exercise, you should find yourself in a significant deeply relaxed condition of meditation very quickly.

Get comfortable

Find a comfortable location to do your deep breathing exercises where you won’t be disturbed. You are able to sit or lie on your rear, but do not do this exercise whilst generating or taking a stand.

Do 30-40 power breaths

Once you’re comfortable, you can start to inhale-exhale 30 times. That is essentially deep Wim hof breathing at a steady tempo in and out through the mouth area. Inhale totally but don’t exhale completely out. As you may breathe in you should feel your tummy surge and on the exhale, you should feel your abdominal fall. It may feel a little like you are hyperventilating, nevertheless, you are in control. Like me, you may even feel a tingling or lightheaded discomfort throughout your entire body, when you do that for the first time. This is flawlessly normal.

  1. Maintain your breath

After doing 30-40 Wim Hof vitality breaths, vacant your bronchi of air and wthhold the breath for so long as you can without make. Through the retention, I found it relaxing to close my eye and give attention to the area between my eyes. Just remember to set a stopwatch if you’re interested in documenting your results. You might want to observe how you improvement with the breathing retentions if you intend to get this done regularly over a set period of time. More details here: http://www.pearlchildren.ca/build-immune-system/

  1. Breathe for 10 seconds

After the breath retention, take a breath in and maintain it for an additional 10-15 mere seconds, before exhaling.

  1. Do it again steps 1-4

Repeat the whole process for another three rounds. Be sure you record your times down, so you can monitor your progression.

  1. Meditate after 4 rounds of vitality breathing

After the ability breaths, you can then go into your regular practise of deep breathing or meditate for five minutes if you’re a complete beginner by shutting your eyes, delivering your awareness to your breathing and concentrating on the space in the middle of your eyes.

Over time, you can steadily increase the amount of time you spend in meditation following the ability breaths, but five minutes is sufficient for a starter.

Much like any new meditation or breathing technique, if it doesn’t feel right, stop doing it and trust your intuition. If you found the energy breath exercise useful, I’m going to be posting up more articles about the Wim Hof Method over another few months.

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